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30+ Digital Trends Reports for 2014

Last updated: December 10, 2013.

Here is my annual digital trends roundup of over 35 articles predicting the hot topics for 2014. Over the past few weeks I have set my Google Alerts and Twitter searches to try and pick up any and all trend reports from around the web, and I’ve itemized all the subject nominations into a large, curated Google Doc: The 2014 Trend Matrix.

Digital Marketing is my primary professional interest, but I have also included relevant Cultural, Consumer, Advertising, IT, and Social Media trend reports as well. I have weighted the trends to favor the major research organizations (Forrester, Gartner, Landor, IDC, eMarketer and Jupiter) because I assume they pay a lot of people to stay on top of such things – so they should have some extra super powers the rest of us don’t have. But I did try to add a number of other sources to confirm or augment the list.

I’ll add more links to the comments as the appear. Please post additional links or thoughts in the comments if they come to you while you review the below. Follow the links below for more information.

And the winners for 2014 are…

The Top 5 for 2014

  1. The Internet of Things: Wearable Computers, Google Glass, Smart Watches, Sensors
  2. Big Data: Predictive/Visualized/Simplifed/Actionable Big Data
  3. Cloud: $100B Cloud/Client Cloud/Personal Cloud Services
  4. 3D Printing/Smart 3D with Sensors
  5. Raging Against the Machine: Turning off/Tuning Out/Better Work/Life Balance & Automated/Trigger Messaging (TIE)

Major Research Organizations




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    Please leave any other links to articles I’ve forgotten in a comment. Anyone have a prediction that no one else has listed?

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