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Inspired by Fast Company and Lifehacker. Here are some notes about how I get things done (GTD) day-to-day.

Time I Get Up:

7 AM.

First Thing I Do Each Morning:

Currently, I remove a 5 year-old foot from my face. Then I get up, make the bed, and change the water in the family kamidana. Email waits until after breakfast.

Apps and Other Assistants:

New ideas and random thoughts always go into Evernote if they are for me to think about later. Twitter is for the random thoughts that I want to throw into the ether.

I have all my online magazines, blogs and news sites aggregated into Feed.ly and I scan through them once or twice a day to try and keep up with the latest.

iOS/OSX Reminders Apps with location and time triggers.

BufferApp.com helps me time my shared links. Pintrest collects my favorite images, particularly my favorite iOS UX screens to reference. IFTTT gives me additional reminders or social media triggers so I don’t have to remember to post.


I was born and raised as a Liberal Arts major with a great appreciation for serendipity. I want to know a little about a lot of things and only dive deep into a few key subjects. I love new experiences. My advice to strive to never say no to a new experience.

Last Thing I Do Each Night:

I like to fall asleep brainstorming something from the back-burner. So the last hour or so of the day is reviewing a handful of zeitgeist sites: Digg.com is my favorite, Hacker News, Sidebar.io, Medium, Stellar, the first two or three pages of Reddit (and no more).

Time I Go To Bed:
1 AM

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