A redesign of the AI cybersecurity company’s corporate website to express their brand, initially as a late-stage startup in their 5th year of business. The legacy website was born on Hubspot and ported over to Adobe Experience Manager in the fall of 2016.

Opening Animation
Opening Animation
Company Introduction
Company Introduction
Cylance Optics Hero
Cylance Optics Hero

70% of the visitors to Cylance.com are arriving for the first time. A custom Web GL animation introduces the brand, and flows the user into a conversational UI that mimics a very robust chat.

Mega Menu

Global Product Navigation
All the Cylance product brands are represented in the mega menu.

The legacy site was poorly architected and difficult to maintain. In order to match the maturity of the brand, a redesign, with our newest brand style guide, and more optimized site architecture, was set in motion in the fall of 2017.

The new website was architected to execute a modular design system that leverages the power of AEM to reduce the custom development, and production timeline from 6 weeks to 5 days.

We reduced the production of custom pages from 6 weeks to 5 days.

Guided Flow

Under the hood, we also enabled the Amazon LEX chat technology to pilot a “Guided Flow” to navigate content based on a pre-programmed decision tree, and bring the power of AI to the web.

Cylance Guided Flow
A guided flow rests at the bottom of all pages and directs the user to additional relevant content or calls to action.

A traditional navigation will lead the user to the content they need, if they know what they are looking for from the beginning. Otherwise, we transition them into a guided flow that helps them drill down into more specific content by need, industry or scale of their business.

Scroll down the homepage and the user will find a guided flow with open ended questions and 4 choices of where to proceed.

Cylance Offerings

Depending on the user’s selection, content is delivered in-line without leaving the homepage—the conversation continues as the user is guided to the best content for their interest.