Saren Sakurai
Saren Sakurai

Ask me anything. If I don't know the answer I can make something up that sounds pretty good.

I am currently the Director of Digital Marketing at Cylance in Irvine, California. In November we announced that we were being aquired by Blackberry (BB) for $1.4 billion in cash.

All opinions are my own.

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Category: Presentations

Talks I’ve presented to clients, Meetups or work audiences.

Pokemon Go logo

The Pokemon Go Phenomenon 

[slideshare id=64453956&doc=ociospokemongojuly2016-160727224456]   Upon its launch Pokemon Go broke records around the world. In a presentation to the iOS Developers group in Orange County, I summarized the stats I had uncovered about just how phenomenal the launch of the app was compared to a few…

Startup Marketing Playbook 2015

Startup Marketing Playbook 

[slideshare id=49751232&doc=sarensakurai-150623192031-lva1-app6892]   This is a presentation I gave to a couple of incubators and startup gatherings in Southern California in 2015. My basic premise was that as a new startup, it is important to think through your brand, and the marketing of the brand,…

Waves at Matsushima by Tawaraya Sotatsu

The Lions of Memory Hacking 

[slideshare id=36448636&doc=kanjilicious-thelionsofmemoryhacking-140630004132-phpapp02]   In working on an app to help kids memorize Japanese kanji, Kanjilicious, I started the journey by conducting a lot of research into just what the brain did to memorize a lot of new information. It led me to a few different…