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For the Digiorno for One launch we wanted to create buzz on the biggest social network of the day by creating content that would encourage viral pass-along and sharing. With the tagline that the product was “So Good You’ll Want to Eat Alone”, we developed a viral tool which would call your cell phone and play a pre-recorded excuse to ditch whatever you were doing – so you could enjoy a DiGiorno for One by yourself.

Client: Kraft Foods
Brand: DiGiorno for One
Agency: AKQA
My Role: Management Supervisor

The Problem: New product launch, an individually-sized personal pizza

The Insight: 18-34 year-olds want experiences in social media to be entertaining and fun. Consumers will engage with brands if you give them something entertaining to do, or talk about, or share.

The Solution: A fun and humorous engagement vehicle, delivered where the consumer is spending time multiple times during the day (MySpace), and Word of Mouth Tools to allow for messaging to be spread virally.

The Results:

  • Banner campaign driving traffic to branded profile page had a click-through rate 40% above projections.
  • MySpace page went from zero to 5,100 friends in six weeks.
  • One in six visitors to the page completed a high value task: Used the Ditcher (10k); printed coupon (21k); friended the page (5k).

Things We Did

  • Kraft Foods, DiGiorno Digital AOR
  • Member Integrated Marketing Team
  • Concepting & Design Information Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR) App Programming
  • Integration with MySpace